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Thank you for visiting the new N3FE.AMPR.ORG website!


All repeaters are up and operating as they should.  We have also used the old UHF node 2340 as the hub node and 442.850 is now node 2339 and running on a Raspberry pi2 with debian thank to N4IRS.


I did not have any volunteers other than my son helping me carry the beast out to the truck....

The 442.850 was replaced August 9th with a Motorola MSF5000.  Please give the repeater a try.

The 6 meter machine (53.75 pl 71.9) was also repaired.  It now transmits vertically (as it should) and the PA issues has hopefully been repaired.


The new 442.850 should be going up on Sunday August 8th.  I am looking for any volunteers that would like to help me lift this beast.  Feel free to send me an email if you wish to give me a hand.  I am going to leave my house around noon if I can find someone to help me lift the little monster/


This is the current layout with more information to come:          Bloss Mtn        Tower Hill

This site will soon contain information on the 44.56.6.xxx ampr.org network for North Central, PA.

Repeater Information

53.75 (- 1.000) pl 71.9, Allstar node 27343 is located at Tower Hill near Millerton, PA.  At the present time this repeater antenna is only 35 feet up the tower.  I am hoping to improve the coverage this summer/fall as time permits.

146.910 (- .600) pl 71.9, Allstar node 2338 is located at the county's Bloss Mtn site in Liberty, PA.  This repeater uses 3 voting receivers located at the main site, Cedar Mtn, and Whitnyville.

442.850 (- 5.000) pl 127.3, Allstar node 2340 is also located at Tower Hill near Millerton, PA.  The repeater is currently a Motorola R100 running 25 watts.  This was to be a backup repeater but it has been there for over 2 years.  I am in the process of converting over a high power Motorola MSF 5000 that should be up and running this summer/fall.

The 6 meter repeater has a full time link to W1ZFB's 6 meter repeater in Fredricksburg, WV. using Asterisk app_rpt.  That machine is also linked to some 6 meter repeaters in the New England States.