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Thank you for visiting the new N3FE.AMPR.ORG website!

This is the current layout with more information to come:          Bloss Mtn        Tower Hill

This site will soon contain information on the 44.56.6.xxx ampr.org network for North Central, PA.

Repeater Information

53.75 (- 1.000) pl 71.9, Allstar node 27343 is located at Tower Hill near Millerton, PA.  At the present time this repeater antenna is only 35 feet up the tower.  I am hoping to improve the coverage this summer/fall as time permits.

146.910 (- .600) pl 71.9, Allstar node 2338 is located at the county's Bloss Mtn site in Liberty, PA.  This repeater uses 3 voting receivers located at the main site, Cedar Mtn, and Whitnyville.

442.850 (- 5.000) pl 127.3, Allstar node 2340 is also located at Tower Hill near Millerton, PA.  The repeater is currently a Motorola R100 running 25 watts.  This was to be a backup repeater but it has been there for over 2 years.  I am in the process of converting over a high power Motorola MSF 5000 that should be up and running this summer/fall.

The 6 meter repeater has a full time link to W1ZFB's 6 meter repeater in Fredricksburg, WV. using Asterisk app_rpt.  That machine is also linked to some 6 meter repeaters in the New England States.